Torrey C Brown

NCR Trail – Autumn

NCR Trail Autumn – Mason Dixon Line This marks the 19.8 mile marker from the beginning of the trail at Ashland, Maryland. It is also the 0 mile marker traveling North into Pennsylvania. This part of the trail experienced a great deal of wash out by heavy rains a few years ago. Some repairs (grading) was done to smooth out the […]

Digital Image at the Mason Dixon Line on the NCR Trail.

Digital Image of Autumn on the NCR Trail at the Bentley Springs Parking Lot

NCR Trail – Bentley Springs Parking – Autumn

NCR Trail – Bentley Springs Parking One place to park at the NCR Trail, is at Bentley Springs. There are plenty of parking spaces. This parking lot can be reached from I83 exit 33, North on Maryland Route 45, West (left) on Kaufman Road and Bentley Road to the parking lot on the right. Along the trail this parking lot is […]

NCR Trail – Springtime

NCR Trail – Springtime A Northbound view of the NCR Trail. This is at about the 12.75 mile marker approaching the Frederick Road parking area. The Little Falls on is on the left (West) side of the trail at this point. There are places along this part of the trail where one can climb down to the rocks and get a […]

Digital Images of a Springtime view of the NCR Trail Approaching the Frederick Road Crossing in Parkton, Maryland

Digital Image of the NCR Trail at the One Mile Marker

NCR Trail – Nice Walk – Ashland – Paper Mill

NCR Trail – Nice Walk – Ashland – Paper Mill August 8, 2014 was a nice day to park at the NCR Trail, Paper Mill Road parking lot and wallk the trail for a few miles. I started by working my way down to the 0 mile marker (Ashland) and walked backup the trail past the 1.5 mile marker. The trail […]

NCR Trail – Winter View of the Little Falls

NCR Trail – Winter View of Little Falls off of Walker Road Bridge This view was taken in early January of 2014. On this day I parked on the gravel area at Walker Road and Cameron Mill Road. The trail is about a tenth of a mile Southwest of the parking. The bridge is between the trail and the parking area. […]

Digital Image of the Little Falls from Walker Road next to the NCR Trail