NCR Trail – Bentley Springs Parking – Autumn

NCR Trail – Bentley Springs Parking

One place to park at the NCR Trail, is at Bentley Springs. There are plenty of parking spaces. This parking lot can be reached from I83 exit 33, North on Maryland Route 45, West (left) on Kaufman Road and Bentley Road to the parking lot on the right.

Along the trail this parking lot is at about the 15.9 mile marker.

There is a restroom at this parking lot. There is an information placard. The Beetree Run is on the West side (left from this view) of the trail.

The Baltimore County Public Library has a collection of Digital Images from along the Northern Central Railroad. In one Image taken by Marie Duncan this area is shown flooded. Marie’s image was taken in the 1930’s.

Digital Image of Autumn on the NCR Trail - Bentley Springs - Parking Lot

Image taken October 3, 2012 – In Maryland, the NCR Trail is also known as The Northern Central Railroad Trail and the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail.

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