NCR Trail

Northern Central Railroad Trail

Autumn View at Phoenix

Phoenix Maryland – Torrey C Brown Trail

Phoenix Maryland, is a great place to park and walk the Torrey C Brown Trail These are early November images from the walk! The first image is a Southbound look at the 1.75 mile marker. A Canon 7D Mark II camera was used to take this image. The 7D Mark II is a new camera. It is a great body! It […]

Deer on the NCR Trail

Interesting Walk – NCR Trail – Phoenix

Interesting Walk – June 16, 2016 An Interesting walk on the NCR Trail started at the Phoenix (MD) Parking Lot. This is at the 2 mile marker on the trail This was a muggy day for a walk. About 70 degrees with high humidity. At the 2.75 mile marker two deers crossed the trail. I assume they were going down to […]

Wildlife along the Heritage Rail Trail Park

Wildlife along the Heritage Rail Trail Park On Saturday Morning a 4 mile walk in the New Freedom (PA) and Railroad areas was in order. The start was at the Rail Trail Cafe in New Freedom. First leg was down to the 1 mile marker. The Steam Into History Locomotive was in the garage when I passed the train station. It […]

Digital Image of a Bear Spotted Along the Heritage Rail Trail Park