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Radio Info –

Over the past few days I have been delving a bit deeper into the realm of DMR Radio.
I have had a TYT MD-390 for a few months but have kept it connected to a DV4MINI
and Brandmeister.

Now I am learning more and am able to make use of DMR through local repeaters.
John’s site has been a valuable resource in helping me to understand many aspects of DMR.

Please check out John’s site at that John’s site is not limited to just DMR.
There is plenty of information and reviews related to handhelds and mobile radios.

Much thanks to John – K3nxu at for the Radio Info and help he has provided!

Also a big thank you to Phil N3CDY for his abundance of advice during a recent QSO 3/29/2019 – on Talk Group 3124.

Radio Info - TYT MD-390

DMR Radio