Lake Williams

Scenes in and around Lake Williams!

Helicopters Landing – En Route – Jacobus Pennsylvania

These are images of Helicopters Landing and En Route to Jacobus, Pennsylvania. Service people were participating in a practise exercise. Several helicopters were to land at this field site beside Water Street. Personnel in a vehicle were to retrieve a rescued person at Lake Williams. The vehicle was to bring the rescued patient back to the landing site. The first two images […]

Helicopter En-route to Jacobus PA

Lake Williams - Trail 4

Trail 4 – Jacobus Pennsylvania – Lake Williams

Trail 4 – Jacobus Pennsylvania Image was taken on a Sunday afternoon, December 6, 2015. This is between the boat launch parking area of Lake Williams and the Susquehanna Trail. These hikers were out enjoying nature and heading in the direction of the Susquehanna Trail around the lake. Temperature on this walk was in the 40’s. Trail 4 runs on both the […]