Santee Kayaks – Lake Williams – Jacobus Pennsylvania

Santee Kayaks are our chosen brand of kayaks. We have 2 each of the Hurricane Santee Sport 126 Models. This is our fifth trip out with these wonderful kayaks! First trip this 2015 Season. When we shopped for kayaks we chose the Santee because of it is well built! We went for the Sport model […]

Digital Image of Santee Sport 126 - Lake Williams - Jacobus Pennsylvania

Digital Image Taken from the Susquehanna State Park Boat Ramp

Susquehanna River – Downstream   Recently updated !

Susquehanna River – Downstream   A view of the river, boaters, Interstate 95, CSX, Maryland Route 40 and Amtrak Bridges. With a nice day we took a ride out to the Susquehanna State Park in Maryland. We walked the Susquehanna Ridge Trail (Blazed in red) starting at the Southern end Lapidum Boating Facility. The trail is a […]

Prettyboy Reservoir from the Dam – Spring 2015

Prettyboy Reservoir from the Dam – The image was taken as a cloud was passing between the sun and Reservoir. This springtime image was a welcome site after what seemed like a long winter. The Reservoir level was high. Water was spilling over the spillway. There were a number of people in fishing boats. Cars […]

Digital Image of Green Trees - Springtime View from Prettyboy Reservoir

Digital Image - Spring 2015 - Lake Marburg - Codorus State Park

Spring 2015 – Codorus State Park and Lake Marburg

Spring 2015 – Codorus State Park as seen from the Passenger Pigeon Memorial. In view are part of the disk golf course. the marina,   boat launch,  and Round Island. This image was take on a bit of a windy day. There was some chop on the lake. Not very many boats out on this […]