Glencoe Road Bridge Near the Torrey C Brown Trail

The Glencoe Road Bridge is next to the Torrey C Brown Trail. This image is taken from the trail looking North. The bridge is a single lane bridge and junctions, Lower Glencoe Road – Upper Glencoe Road to the left (West) of this image with Glencoe Road. The trail crosses Glencoe Road just to the […]

Digital image of the Glencoe Road Bridge From the Torrey C Brown Trail

Digital Image of Geese in flight over Lake Marburg

Geese in Flight Over Lake Marburg

Geese in Flight¬†Geese in Flight Over Lake Marburg – It was a warm but cloudy Spring day at Lake Marburg. Long Island was flooded with Geese hanging out on the island and along the edges. As fishing boats were moving from spot to spot, some of the geese were leading the way skipping on the […]

General Merchandise – Heritage Rail Trail

General Merchandise Building – Heritage Rail Trail Temperature was in the upper 60’s for an April 6, 2015 walk from Railroad, Pennsylvania down to the the 5.75 mile marker between Seitzland ¬†and Glen Rock. The trail from the 3 mile marker down to the 4 mile marker was very busy. Walkers, runners, bicyclers, people with […]

Digital Image of the General Merchandise Building along the Heritage Rail Trail

Digital Image on the Loggers Trail - Red Trail - Oregon Ridge Park

Loggers Trail – Oregon Ridge Park

Loggers Trail – An Introductory Visit. Its early Spring and leaves have not shown themselves! It is incredible the amount of work that has gone into keeping this park going. Devastation over the years to the trees and brush have been countered with volunteers maintaining the area including the planting of new trees and brush! […]