Hamfest Images – June 18, 2017 – Sponsored by the Baltimore Amateur Radio Club

Hamfest Images – June 18, 2017- BARC Hamfest images show the tailgate vendors and commercial vendors. There were many radios both new and used at the tables! Antennas for VHF, UHF and HF were on sale Tripods and all sorts of antenna parts were on sale. The tool guy was on hand with many fine tools for the shack and/or workroom. […]

Image at the BARC Hamfest

Hurricane Santee 126 Sport Kayak on Lake Williams

Kayak on Lake Williams – June 3, 2017 – Great Kayaks!

Kayak on Lake Williams – Hurricane Santee 126 Sport We have been using the Hurricane Santee Kayaks since September of 2014. The images  below show the use of the Kayak both in motion and sitting on Lake Williams. Our use of these kayaks has been on reservoir lakes in Pennsylvania. The lakes include Lake Redman, Lake Marburg, Pinchot Lake and here at […]

Memorial Day Hamfest 2017

Memorial Day Hamfest 2017 The images were taken at the Maryland F.M . Association’s  Hamfest – at the Howard County Fairgrounds in Maryland. I Attended on May 28, 2017. I went looking for an SO239 to SMC cable jumper. I came up empty handed on the cable. I did scarf up a Samlex America 35 amp, 12 volt power supply for $50. The […]

Maryland F.M . Association's Memorial Day Hamfest 2017