Radio Info

Radio Info – Over the past few days I have been delving a bit deeper into the realm of DMR Radio. I have had a TYT MD-390 for a few months but have kept it connected to a DV4MINI and Brandmeister. Now I am learning more and am able to make use of DMR through local repeaters. John’s site has been […]

TYT MD-390

Trail Maintenance - Heritage Rail Trail Park - York County

Trail Maintenance – NCR Trail – March 2018

Trail Maintenance Over the past few days, crews with the Heritage Rail Trail Park of York County and the Maryland Park Service, have been working hard to clean up fallen trees and debri left over from a Friday’s wind storm. Many trees had fallen across the trail and railroad tracks. In Pennsylvania these fallen trees were providing an inconvenience for trail […]

TS-2000 – Push to Talk – Resolution

TS-2000 – Push to Talk – Resolution – In Progress The AB3BO Shack has a Kenwood TS-2000 Transceiver (radio) and uses an interface sold by Gary Donner. As far as I know, Gary no longer sells the interfaces. I have had this interface for a number of years. The Donner interface connects to the radio via the ACC2 Port. The PTT […]

Push Talk two button mode

DS1 LED Mounted

Icom IC-207H – Display Repair – Part 2

Icom IC-207H – Display Repair – Part 2 A few years ago, I replaced the back lights in my radio. I used 12 volt incadescent bulbs. The display had gone dark and needed repair. See the earlier post for reference and details on the control unit (display) initial repair. Unfortunately the bulbs did not last very long. Recently I acquired some […]

Walking Horses

Walking Horse – Slide Shows Click on a date to view a slide show pages! 08-Sep-99- North American Classic Horse Show 03-Oct-99- Judged Trail Ride 29-Apr-00- Demo and Training by Mark Harrison 20-May-00- Thurmont Riding Club. PWH Show 29-Jul-00- Horse Camping Clinic 15-Jul-01- Cherokee Raiders Harford County 19-Oct-01- Ride at Fair Hill, Maryland 16-Jun-02- Ft. Meade Versatility Show 08-Sep-02- Mason Dixon […]