Sunday Hamfest – Baltimore Amateur Radio Club’s Hamfest

Sunday Hamfest was held at the Arcadia Vol. Fire Co. Carnival Grounds in Upperco, Maryland. There was a good line of tailgaters on Father’s Day – June 19, 2016! People were checking out an buying rigs, antennas, cable and many other odds and ends! Under the pavilion were commercial vendors like Sauder Electronics. They appeared to be busy! The the Baltimore Amateur […]

Image at - Baltimore Amateur Radio Club's Father's Day Hamfest - Commercial Vendor and Club Table Area

Deer on the NCR Trail

Interesting Walk – NCR Trail – Phoenix

Interesting Walk – June 16, 2016 An Interesting walk on the NCR Trail started at the Phoenix (MD) Parking Lot. This is at the 2 mile marker on the trail This was a muggy day for a walk. About 70 degrees with high humidity. At the 2.75 mile marker two deers crossed the trail. I assume they were going down to […]

Wildlife along the Heritage Rail Trail Park

Wildlife along the Heritage Rail Trail Park On Saturday Morning a 4 mile walk in the New Freedom (PA) and Railroad areas was in order. The start was at the Rail Trail Cafe in New Freedom. First leg was down to the 1 mile marker. The Steam Into History Locomotive was in the garage when I passed the train station. It […]

Digital Image of a Bear Spotted Along the Heritage Rail Trail Park

Memorial Day Hamfest 2016

Hamfest – Memorial Day – Howard County Maryland

Hamfest – Memorial Day was put on at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Hamfest – Memorial Day was actually held on Sunday morning May 29, 2016. To me it looked like a well attended hamfest. Mostly tailgaters in the aisles, with two commercial vendors along the road. It was a warm day (80s). This hamfest was hosted by the Maryland FM Association This […]

Images from the Mark Harrison Memorial Horse Show

Images from the Mark Harrison Memorial Horse Show This horse show was held at the Harford County Equestrian Center in Maryland. Click here for more images taken at the horse show of May 14, 2016!

Digital Image of the Mark Harrison Memorial Horse Show

Worm in a Notebook

The Great Hagerstown Hamfest – Attended May 7, 2016

The Great Hagerstown Hamfest! On Saturday I had the chance to attend the Great Hagerstown Hamfest. The weather was pretty nice. Usually cloudy, intermittent Sunshine and No Rain! Most vendors and/or tailgaters were under cover. A few outside under umbrellas! There were plenty of sellers and buyers. Everything from cables,, connectors, radios, phones, computers, antennas, cabinets, tubes and batteries were being […]