Sourdough Green Trail


One of the ski trails at Vail Resorts in Colorado is the Sourdough Trail It is a Green Trail.

This image shows the beginning of the trail along with the Sourdough Express Lift Number 10.

This was a bright sunny day. It appears as if there were not too many skiers on the trail since the grooming process.

Corduroy grooming is still visible!

Other nice trails up in this area are the Flap Jack, Tin Pants, Boomer ad Whiskey Jack trails.. The trails are Green with the exception of Whiskey Jack which is a row-ly poll ly Blue.

China Bowl is right on the other side of the mountain with a fanned put set of Black, Blue and Green routes down to other lifts and Blue Sky Basin!

Two Elk Lodge is on the ridge between China bowl and the Sourdough areas. Two Elk is a great place for lunch and a break!

We are not quite sure how this trail got its name. It does make us think about making sourdough bread and bread products!

A Digital Image of view at the beginning of the Sourdough Trail

Image taken February 25, 2013

NCR Trail – Winter 2012

NCR Trail – Winter Scene from the 12.7 Mile Marker.

This walk was started at the Parkton/Frederick Road Parking area. The snow was fresh. In fact when the walk started, I was walking on snow that had no other prints. Others followed as the  walk went on. There was 2 or less inches of snow on the trail.

I did not see any deer or other critters on the trail The falls at the 12.2 mile marker were beautiful. I took some video of the falls while on this walk.

In the image are 2 or 3 joggers just passing the Whistle Stop sign.

Digital Image of the NCR Trail - Winter Along Little Falls

NCR Trail Winter of 2012 – In Maryland, the NCR Trail is also known as The Northern Central Railroad Trail and the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail