Phoenix Maryland – Torrey C Brown Trail

Phoenix Maryland, is a great place to park and walk the Torrey C Brown Trail These are early November images from the walk! The first image is a Southbound look at the 1.75 mile marker. A Canon 7D Mark II camera was used to take this image. The 7D Mark II is a new camera. It is a great body! It […]

Autumn View at Phoenix

Fall Gaited Classic Horse Fun Show

Fall Gaited Classic Horse Fun Show

Images taken during the Fall Gaited Classic Horse Fun Show are available by clicking the link or the image. The show was put on by the Plantation Walking Horses of MD at the Harford County Equestrian Center in Bel Air, Maryland. Image Taken October 15, 2016      

October Hamfest – Howard County Fairgrounds

October Hamfest – Howard County Fairgrounds- 2016 This October Hamfest was held on Sunday the 9th. The Ticket Stub indicates this was the Columbia Amateure Radio Association’s Carafest 2016. The Hamfest was a great one! There were plenty of commercial vendors and private vendors. The indoor hall was occupied by commercial vendors, TMARC, and the CARA table. A second covered area, […]

Digital Image of a Carafest 2016 Ticket

Looking to the North Side of the C&D Canal

Chesapeake and Delaware Canal in the Chesapeake City area of Maryland

Chesapeake and Delaware Canal as seen from Chesapeake City. The North side of the Canal is in the background! This image was taken the morning of September 10, 2016. The city was very quiet and many businesses appeared closed at this time of day (10:25 AM). The walk was pleasant. There are plaques along the way to catch up on the […]

Cows Visiting – Heritage Rail Trail Park – York County – Pennsylvania

Taken while walking the trail, these images show a view of cows visiting at the 4.8 – 4.9 mile marker. They were coming up the hill and getting on the trail at around 9:30 on Monday August 27, 2016. Perhaps with school season starting, they were already playing hooky. Authorities were notified. Folks walking and riding the trail were getting a […]

Cow Visiting the Park

Tailgate Fest CCARC

Tailgate Fest 2016 – Discussion – Images – Carroll County

The Tailgate Fest 2016  was a nice place to visit this Sunday August 21. This is put on each year by the Carroll County Amateur Radio Club. I saw no commercial vendors, but there were plenty of tailgaters selling their radios, antennas, cables and other goods I picked up an old Heathkit dummy load. It was something I needed a few […]

Helicopters Landing – En Route – Jacobus Pennsylvania

These are images of Helicopters Landing and En Route to Jacobus, Pennsylvania. Service people were participating in a practise exercise. Several helicopters were to land at this field site beside Water Street. Personnel in a vehicle were to retrieve a rescued person at Lake Williams. The vehicle was to bring the rescued patient back to the landing site. The first two images […]

Helicopter En-route to Jacobus PA