Distant Greeters at Hicks and Wilson by the Torrey C Brown Trail   Recently updated !

Distant Greeters were observed just off the Torrey C Brown Trail near Hicks and Wilson Road! These two dogs kept their distance but let trail travelers  know they were there to protect! This seemed to be the dog walk! Encountered 3 dogs along the route! All barking! Temperature was about 40 degrees at the time […]

Digital Image of Distant Greeters - Torrey C Brown Trail

Digital Image of Spring is Blooming - Torrey C Brown Trail

Spring Image – Torrey C Brown Trail

Digital SLR Camera Specials for capturing a Spring Image! Here is one of the images captured during a walk on the NCR Trail in late March of 2012. This was captured in the Freeland, Maryland area near the Mason Dixon Line. Temperature on this walk was about 66 degrees and the sun was shining. There were […]