Water Recreation – Lake Marburg – Codorus State Park

Water Recreation – Lake Marburg Codorus State Park is busy on a late Saturday Afternoon, August 8, 2015. Some folks on the North Side (Slope) of the Marina Day Use area walking a dog. A Kayaker in a sit on top Kayak either fishing or traveling. Three Kayakers side by side relaxing on the water. A […]

Digital Image Lake Marburg - Recreation - Codorus State Park

Digital Image of a Butterfly at Prettyboy Reservoir

Prettyboy Reservoir Butterfly – Northern Baltimore County

Prettyboy Reservoir Butterfly was on the North side of the dam next to the parking area, The colors on the wings are what called for a digital image! Judging from some research this is a Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly.  They are a very popular North America Butterfly! It was partly cloudy on this Saturday August 4, 2012 […]

Flap Jack – Days End Final Look

Flap Jack – Days End Final Look A crystal Clear Day’s view up  the Flap Jack Trail on the mountain at Vail. This image was taken from the Northwoods Express Lift Number 11. The bottom of Flap Jack and the Northwoods Lift can get very busy at the latter part of the day. Many skiers […]

Digital Image of the Northwoods Express - Flap Jack Trail

Digital Image of a Used Bush Hog FTH 720 - Service Performed by Baer's Repairs

Serviced by Baer’s Repairs – Bush Hog Finishing Mower

Serviced by Baer’s Repairs Earlier this summer (2015), the Brackets holding the Caster Assembly on to our FTH 720 Bush Hog Finishing Mower broke. The metal on the top of the brackets broke and the Casters could no longer support the Mower! Aaron Baer came to the rescue and welded some metal plates to repair […]