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TS-2000 – Push to Talk – Resolution

TS-2000 – Push to Talk – Resolution – In Progress The AB3BO Shack has a Kenwood TS-2000 Transceiver (radio) and uses an interface sold by Gary Donner. As far as I know, Gary no longer sells the interfaces. I have had this interface for a number of years. The Donner interface connects to the radio via the ACC2 Port. The PTT […]

Push Talk two button mode

DS1 LED Mounted

Icom IC-207H – Display Repair – Part 2

Icom IC-207H – Display Repair – Part 2 A few years ago, I replaced the back lights in my radio. I used 12 volt incadescent bulbs. The display had gone dark and needed repair. See the earlier post for reference and details on the control unit (display) initial repair. Unfortunately the bulbs did not last very long. Recently I acquired some […]

Berryville Hamfest – Well Organized – Excellent Weather – August 6 – 2017

Berryville Hamfest – Attended August 6,  2017 I attended the 2017 hamfest. Working on putting up a dipole (higher in the trees). Picked up a several porcelain insulators and some dacron rope. I have the wire for the antenna elements. Need some more ladder line, a couple pulleys and a little more planning. Did not see a planning at the Hamfest!!! […]