NCR Trail

Heritage Rail Trail Park – NCR Trail

A Walk at Heritage Rail Trail Park! Monday, December 1, 2014 was an especially nice day for a walk. The temperature passed 64 degrees. High of 33 and Ice pellets in the forecast for December 2, tomorrow! I drove to the Glatfelters Station Rd Parking lot and walked North toward York. During the first half of the walk it, was mostly bicycle […]

Digital Image of the Howard Tunnel Looking South - December 1, 2014

Digital Image of a Bird on the Side of the NCR Trail near the 2.75 mile marker in Railroad, Pennsylvania

NCR Trail – Wildlife – Small Bird

NCR Trail – Small Bird While walking the NCR Trail on November 4, 2014, this bird was observed off to the East Side.It did not stay very long so this was a lucky grab. I am not sure of the species. If someone knows please leave a comment. This image was taken while walking from the 2 mile marker back down […]

NCR Trail – Autumn

NCR Trail Autumn – Mason Dixon Line This marks the 19.8 mile marker from the beginning of the trail at Ashland, Maryland. It is also the 0 mile marker traveling North into Pennsylvania. This part of the trail experienced a great deal of wash out by heavy rains a few years ago. Some repairs (grading) was done to smooth out the […]

Digital Image at the Mason Dixon Line on the NCR Trail.

Digital Image of Goats and Roosters near the 9.5 mle marker along the NCR Trail

Goats and Roosters – NCR Trail

NCR Trail – Goats and Roosters It started out as a quiet walk on the NCR Trail. The starting point was Hanover Junction at about the 10.5 mile marker. On the way South towards Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, roosters could be heard in the background. This image shows a farm off to the West of the trail at about the 9.5-10 mile […]

NCR Trail – Bentley Springs Parking – Autumn

NCR Trail – Bentley Springs Parking One place to park at the NCR Trail, is at Bentley Springs. There are plenty of parking spaces. This parking lot can be reached from I83 exit 33, North on Maryland Route 45, West (left) on Kaufman Road and Bentley Road to the parking lot on the right. Along the trail this parking lot is […]

Digital Image of Autumn on the NCR Trail at the Bentley Springs Parking Lot