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Walking Horse – Slide Shows

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08-Sep-99- North American Classic Horse Show
03-Oct-99- Judged Trail Ride
29-Apr-00- Demo and Training by Mark Harrison
20-May-00- Thurmont Riding Club. PWH Show
29-Jul-00- Horse Camping Clinic
15-Jul-01- Cherokee Raiders Harford County
19-Oct-01- Ride at Fair Hill, Maryland
16-Jun-02- Ft. Meade Versatility Show
08-Sep-02- Mason Dixon Gaited Classic
08-Aug-03- Demo – Montgomery County Fair 
29-Aug-03- North American Plantation Classic 
22-May-04- Gettysburg Ride
27-Jun-04- Spring Valley Show
07-May-05- Keystone Classic – 2005
08-Nov-05- Club Meeting – Bit discussion
23-Sep-06- Spring Valley Horse ShowVersa Show
29-Oct-06- Versa Show
20-May-07- Harford Gaited Show
09-Jun-07- Walking for Fun Show – Pennsylvania
14-Jun-08- MATWHA 1 DAY Horse Show
04-Jul-08- Mid-Atlandic Classic Show
04-Sep-09- North American Plantation Classic
08-Oct-11- Harford Gaited Show

At the end of 2017 the Plantation Walking Horse Club of Maryland disbanded.
The website for the club was deleted on January 4, 2018.
The domain name was moved to this site.
Images taken at many of the old shows and events are to be posted here as slide shows.
It will take some time to recover and build the memories.