NCR Trail – Bird on a Limb – Railroad

NCR Trail – Bird on a Limb While walking the NCR Trail on November 4, 2014, there was a brief moment where this bird could be captured in an image. The bird and tree were near the 2.75 mile marker on the east side of the trail. There were still some leaves on some of the trees on this day. There were […]

Digital image of a bird on a tree limb along the NCR Trail Near Railroad, Pennsylvania

Digital Image of a Dog on a Row Boat at Codorus State Park and Lake Marburg

Codorus State Park – Boating and Digital Imaging

Codorus State Park – Boating Boating traffic on Lake Marburg looked busy at 11:50 on June 9, of 2012. A Dog and two ladies rowing their way across the lake. The Dog looks relaxed with Mom holding on for comfort! Their Sun Dolphin Water Tender Row Boat is moving along well as the captain provides drive. Pontoon boats are popular on […]

Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve

Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve This park is located a mile or two South of Chardon, Ohio in Geauga County. The Park has picnic tables and a shelter. There are several trails that are paved. If you fish, there are places to fish along the trail. If you are a bird watcher, check this place out. There are a variety of […]

Digital Image of the Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve in Chardon, Ohio

Digital Image at the Mason Dixon Line on the NCR Trail.

NCR Trail – Autumn

NCR Trail Autumn – Mason Dixon Line This marks the 19.8 mile marker from the beginning of the trail at Ashland, Maryland. It is also the 0 mile marker traveling North into Pennsylvania. This part of the trail experienced a great deal of wash out by heavy rains a few years ago. Some repairs (grading) was done to smooth out the […]

Goats and Roosters – NCR Trail

NCR Trail – Goats and Roosters It started out as a quiet walk on the NCR Trail. The starting point was Hanover Junction at about the 10.5 mile marker. On the way South towards Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, roosters could be heard in the background. This image shows a farm off to the West of the trail at about the 9.5-10 mile […]

Digital Image of Goats and Roosters near the 9.5 mle marker along the NCR Trail