Icom IC-207H


Icom IC-207H in the AB3BO amateur radio station,

is the dual band radio that transmits on the 2 meter and 70 centimeter Amateur Radio bands. In the US, it receives 118-174 mhz and 440-450 mhz. On 2 meters it can transmit at 50, 20, 10, 5 watts. On 70 centimeters it can transmit on 35, 20, 10, 5 watts.

While the radio has been manufactured since at-least 1996, it has only existed in the AB3BO shack since 2002. I actually enjoy this rig so much I have 3 of them. One here in the shack, one was in the Chevy Trailblazer and one in the RV travel trailer.

This station uses the LMR400 Cable with 2 PL-259 connectors at each end. I believe the length is about 65 feet between the back of the Icom IC-207H and the antenna.

The Antenna is a Workman/Opek Ham Radio UVS-200 144 / 440 MHz Dual Band Base Antenna. It has been up a little over 9 years and continues to do a great job! I have taken the antenna down a couple times over the 9 years, just to check it out. It has been just fine in both cases.

The external Speaker is at least 25 years older than the Icom IC-207H. It works well with the station. The phonograph that speaker belonged to, played its last record many years ago. Perhaps a morse code practice record!

This part of the AB3BO station has been used only for voice operations (no Digital operations).

All of the Icom IC-207H radios were purchased off of Ebay.

Digital Image of the Icom IC-207H Front Panel Display and Mic

Image taken December 4, 2014


Digital Image of the Workman UVS-200 Antenna

Workman UVS-200 Antenna – Image taken December 4, 2014


Digital Image of the External Speaker used with the AB3BO Amateur Radio Station

Image taken December 4, 2014