NCR Trail – Autumn

NCR Trail Autumn – Mason Dixon Line

This marks the 19.8 mile marker from the beginning of the trail at Ashland, Maryland. It is also the 0 mile marker traveling North into Pennsylvania.

This part of the trail experienced a great deal of wash out by heavy rains a few years ago. Some repairs (grading) was done to smooth out the bumps!

Walking North, the slope of the trail gets steeper as it climbs towards the Summit in New Freedom. The New Freedom Municipal Parking lot is about 1.25 miles North of the Mason Dixon Line. The Freeland Parking lot is about 1.3 miles to the South of the Mason Dixon Line.

There is a Horse Farm on the right (East) side of the trail. It is  about a 10th of a mile North of the Mason Dixon. To the South, there are Sheep, Cows and Cats that can be seen off to the sides of the trail.

If one glances into the streams, one might see salamander.

Digital Image at the Mason Dixon Line on the NCR Trail.

Image taken October 8, 2012 – In Pennsylvania, the NCR Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park –  In Maryland, the NCR Trail is also known as The Northern Central Railroad Trail and the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail


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