Gunpowder Falls

Torrey C Brown Trail – Phoenix

Torrey C Brown Trail – Phoenix – Gunpowder Falls The Phoenix parking lot is at the 2 mile marker of the NCR Trail. This area (parking and trail) is well maintained with gardens, an informative kiosk, and benches. Be aware there there is a stairs down to the Gunpowder Falls. The landing pad at the bottom of the stairs is a bit […]

Digital Image of the Gunpowder Falls from along the NCR Trail at Phoenix

Masemore - Bush Cabin Run

Bush Cabin Run – Autumn of 2012 – Masemore

Bush Cabin Run – is a stream in Baltimore County, Maryland. Bush Cabin Run is near the join with the Gunpowder Falls at Masemore. The Gunpowder Falls South Trail crosses this stream. The video was taken in October of 2012 and converted down to 720 from 1080 mp4 format. Doing a Google Search will turn up number of images of this same […]

Loch Raven Reservoir – Autumn 2014

Geese on Loch Raven Reservoir On a warm October day in 2014, I decided to check out Loch Raven Reservoir. This video was take from the East side of the Reservoir. Looks like the geese are doing some fishing for a mid morning snack. Some reflection of trees off the water can be seen in the background. Noise of cars passing […]