Hamfest – Memorial Day – Howard County Maryland

Hamfest – Memorial Day was put on at the Howard County Fairgrounds.

Hamfest – Memorial Day was actually held on Sunday morning May 29, 2016.

To me it looked like a well attended hamfest.

Mostly tailgaters in the aisles, with two commercial vendors along the road.

It was a warm day (80s).

This hamfest was hosted by the Maryland FM Association

This group holds a hamfest at this location every year!

I saw a good collection of rigs. Mobile, base HF, VHF and UHF were on hand and for sale.

Refreshments were on sale at the beginning of one of the isles.

Below is one of the images I took with my cell phone.

Those who did not show up for this hamfest, missed a great opportunity!

Hamfest - Memorial Day Hamfest 2016

Image Taken May 29, 2016


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