NCR Trail – Springtime

NCR Trail – Springtime

A Northbound view of the NCR Trail. This is at about the 12.75 mile marker approaching the Frederick Road parking area. The Little Falls on is on the left (West) side of the trail at this point. There are places along this part of the trail where one can climb down to the rocks and get a closer look at the falls. In Summer some even swim in the Little Falls.

On weekdays this trail gets pretty busy in the early evening hours as people get home from work and take a walk. Some even travel this part after the sun goes down!

While walking the trail, I observed some people with walking sticks. They seemed friendly. The three of them were walking with smiles on their faces! They seemed to be having a good time! Two of them were using Brazos walking sticks. The one lady said the stick is solid and works out well. She says it is light weight, is one piece but has a nice string to hang it in the closet at home (when not in use)! Allen (not sure exact spelling) said the stick has come in handy on narrow trails where there are rocks, tree roots and other obstacles that have required extra support. He said the stick has been a great help over the years.

I did not recognize the walking stick being used by the third walker.

Time was passing and they were ready to move on and I wanted to get my walk going again.

All the walking sticks looked beautifully polished and comfortable!

I have on occasions seen other people using walking sticks or walking staffs on the trail.

Digital Images of a Springtime view of the NCR Trail Approaching the Frederick Road Crossing in Parkton, Maryland

Image taken May 4, 2013 – In Maryland, the NCR Trail is also known as The Northern Central Railroad Trail and the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail.


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