October Hamfest – Howard County Fairgrounds

October Hamfest – Howard County Fairgrounds- 2016

This October Hamfest was held on Sunday the 9th. The Ticket Stub indicates this was the Columbia Amateure Radio Association’s Carafest 2016.

The Hamfest was a great one! There were plenty of commercial vendors and private vendors.

The indoor hall was occupied by commercial vendors, TMARC, and the CARA table.

A second covered area, held commercial vendors including those vendor selling cables, batteries antennas and computer goods.

There were plenty of used radios on sale. HTs, VHF, UHF, and Desktop HF Rigs! Most of the radios were being sold by the tail-gaters.

Plenty of connectors (used and new) were available both commercial and private!

I neglected to get images while at this hamfest.

Temperature was 55  degrees and the sun was just making its debut. It was a windy Sunday.

This was one of a number of hamfests I have attended this year and like I said it was a great one!

Nice to see so many people attending.

Much thanks to the folks at the Columbia Amateure Radio Association for putting on this Carafest 2016!

October Hamfest - Digital Image of a Carafest 2016 Ticket

Image taken October 16, 2016

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