AB3BO Amateur Radio Station with Ham Radio Deluxe on Linux

AB3BO Amateur Radio Station with Ham Radio Deluxe on Linux


Video and Slide Presentation

Created February 6, 2016

Download the PDF AB3BO_On_Linux_With_HRD for the complete set of slides.

AB3BO Amateur Radio Station with Linux and Ham Radio Deluxe on a PC

Astron 20 Amp Power Supply – Kenwood PS-52 22.5 Amp Power Supply – Kenwood TS-480HX Display

Resource Links are at the bottom of this page, in the video and pdf file

See the narrated video here!

Resources used in this presentation

  • Lubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) Daily Build


  • Install Wine 1.8


  • Ham Radio Deluxe 5.24 Download
    • (Warning – As of mid to late 2017, version 5.x of HRD is hard to find. It has been taken off the market)
    • These methods of running the commercial version of HRD may work. I have not tried it.


  • Kenwood TS-480HX at AB3BO Station


  • How To Check and Use Serial Ports


  • Re: WINE and com ports.



  • Skype for Linux –


  • TeamViewer –


  • Juan’s video – How to use Ham Radio Deluxe & CQRLOG in Linux (Lubuntu)






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One thought on “AB3BO Amateur Radio Station with Ham Radio Deluxe on Linux

  • Wevone Hobbs

    Watched your video on the repair of the Icom 207, I have ordered the parts and will be replacing bulbs when they arrive.
    Was able to program in repeater channels as well thanks to another video. Not a whole lot of instructional videos on this older model radio.
    Thanks for your help 73's KG5MUI