Lake Redman

Lake Redman in York County, PA

Lake Redman Water Level

Lake Redman Water Level is lower than normal because of construction on a new pumping station. The boat launch is closed until water levels recover. Most of the trails are ok to walk. Just beware that when entering trail 7 from trail 6 one must exit trail 7 from the same entry point!  The opposite end of trail 7 is closed […]

Pipes at New Pumping Station Construction

Lake Redman Frog – Observed August 21 2014

Lake Redman Frog – Lake Redman has shallow waters in many areas. In the shallow waters frogs can be found during the late summer months. Here is a frog observed from the Boardwalk. To lean more about frogs, check out  Frog Resources. This lake is also a breeding ground for turtles, birds and other wildlife. Go for a stroll along trail […]

Digital Image of a Lake Redman - Frog of 2014