Ham Radio Deluxe – Installed

Ham Radio Deluxe – Installed

In the AB3BO ham shack, there are two Kenwood radios (a TS-480HX and a TS-2000).
Each Radio is connected to its own HP Desktop PC.
Each PC (Radio PC) had HRD 5.xx the free version loaded.
One Radio PC has Windows 7 the other Windows 10.

A Third PC, is my main pc for doing everyday activities, cruising the internet
writing blog posts etc. It had HRD 5.xx on it for remotely running the radios on the radio PCs.
This main pc has Windows 10.

Installation took a few tries on one of the Radio PCs. Before starting, I did a complete uninstall
of HRD 5.xx.  This Included deleting the HRD folder from the user’s APPDATA ROAMING folder.

After doing the install of Ham Radio Deluxe, the Remote Server gave me a fit!
In order to get it working, I had to go into the Windows registry and find the entry for the service.
It is called HRD RemoteSvr. I had to delete the folder (See image) in the registry. Once this was done, I rebooted  and
performed the install of the remote server via the Ham Radio Deluxe (menu) Tools>Programs>Remote Servers
(Remote Server Configuration) panel. From the panel I did the install, added a user and started the server. All ended up working ok!

Note: with 2 Radio PCs I had to do the registry delete in the second PC as well.

I have a Notebook PC I use when traveling in the RV. I need to do the HRD upgrade on it before my next trip!

I am just getting my feet wet on the paid version on HRD.

Right now I am not convinced the upgrade was worth it!

Their sale of $79.00 drew me in to make the purchase.

More as I gain experience with the paid version.

Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Server Registry Entry

Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Server Registry Entry