DMR Radio – DV4mini – Raspberry Pi 3

DMR Radio – DV4mini – Raspberry Pi 3

The DMR RadioDV4miniRaspberry Pi 3 combination have been in use for a few weeks here at the AB3BO qth.
A UHF TYT MD-390 makes up the DMR Radio in this system.

This system has worked well at home.

The MD-390 is loaded with the KD4AZ MD-380ToolsVM which is available at GitHub. The tools are a must have. They provide the DMR Radio with added menu features This includes a download of the DMR-Marc users base. Having the user base on your radio allows you to see the ID information of the parties communicating on the radio. I used Adam Rennison’s video to help me get the Tools installed!

For the DV4mini with the Raspberry Pi 3, I am using the Daniel Srebnick K2DLS Image and XTG Dialer. The items Dan supplies in conjunction with the features Brandmeister supplies help make the system work!

I also use the DV4mini connected to a desktop PC from time to time. With this setup I use software provided by Wireless Holdings, LLC.

I am looking for an improved combination for use on the road, while mobile! I have on order an MMDVM and hope it will help. A limitation I find with Brandmeister – DV4mini – Raspberry Pi 3 – Iphone (combo) has to do with the Extended Routing for DV4mini. When using the Iphone as a hotspot, the user must be logged into Brandmeister. The old extended routing method will not work! I believe the MMDVM will help by putting more user control of talkgroup selection back into the radio! Stay tuned!

DMR Radio - DV4mini - Raspberry Pi 3

UHF DV4mini – Image Taken April 7, 2018