Lake Marburg

Codorus State Park – Boating and Digital Imaging

Codorus State Park – Boating Boating traffic on Lake Marburg looked busy at 11:50 on June 9, of 2012. A Dog and two ladies rowing their way across the lake. The Dog looks relaxed with Mom holding on for comfort! Their Sun Dolphin Water Tender Row Boat is moving along well as the captain provides drive. Pontoon boats are popular on […]

Digital Image of a Dog on a Row Boat at Codorus State Park and Lake Marburg

Digital Image of Lake Marburg at Codorus State Park from Horseback

Codorus State Park – Horseback Riding

Codorus State Park – Horseback Riding – Lake Marburg Horse trailer parking is available at Codorus State Park. Parking is at the Main Launch Day Use Area off of Sinsheim Road in York County, Pennsylvania. There are picnic tables and a restroom at the horse trailer parking. The horse trails are on the East side of Lake Marburg. In the image, […]

Codorus State Park – Geese

Codorus State Park – Geese over Lake Marburg Sometimes while working or studying, I will drive over to Codorus State Park and sit at one of the park benches. My camera is usually nearby! Here are a couple geese coming in for a landing on lake Marburg. They landed on the water near the Long Island. When I took this shot I […]

Digital Image of Geese Landing on Lake Marburg - Codorus State Park

Digital Image of Sailing on Lake Marburg

Lake Marburg – Sailing

Lake Marburg – Sailing – Codorus State Park Toward the end of September of 2014 this sail boat was observed out on the water. This view is from between the trees. On this day there were several sail boats on the water, including one guy working a Sailboard! Air temperature was in the 60’s. There was a pretty good wind for […]