Goats and Roosters – NCR Trail

NCR Trail – Goats and Roosters

It started out as a quiet walk on the NCR Trail. The starting point was Hanover Junction at about the 10.5 mile marker.

On the way South towards Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, roosters could be heard in the background.

This image shows a farm off to the West of the trail at about the 9.5-10 mile marker. Goats were grazing the land. Roosters, some caged and some walking around were sounding off at random intervals.

This made for an entertaining walk!

Things quieted down the further I walked towards Glen Rock.

The Roosters  were still sounding off on the return to Hanover Junction.

Digital Image of Goats and Roosters near the 9.5 mle marker along the NCR Trail

Image Taken September 19, 2014 – In Pennsylvania, the NCR Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park

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