Digital Image of a Bird on the Side of the NCR Trail near the 2.75 mile marker in Railroad, Pennsylvania

NCR Trail – Wildlife – Small Bird

NCR Trail – Small Bird While walking the NCR Trail on November 4, 2014, this bird was observed off to the East Side.It did not stay very long so this was a lucky grab. I am not sure of the species. If someone knows please leave a comment. This image was taken while walking from the 2 mile marker back down […]

Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve

Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve This park is located a mile or two South of Chardon, Ohio in Geauga County. The Park has picnic tables and a shelter. There are several trails that are paved. If you fish, there are places to fish along the trail. If you are a bird watcher, check this place out. There are a variety of […]

Digital Image of the Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve in Chardon, Ohio

Digital Image of a Turtle coming up for air at the marsh of Lake Redman

Lake Redman – Turtle – At the Boardwalk

Lake Redman – Turtle A Summertime view of a turtle emerging its head above the marshy spawning grounds of Lake Redman. There were a number of young turtles emerging from the marsh as I walked the boardwalk. The boardwalk at lake Redman is worth a visit. The wildlife, including frogs, turtles, and many species of birds are worth a visit. The […]