Loch Raven Reservoir

Digital Image - Loch Raven Reservoir - Baltimore County - Maryland

Checkout Loch Raven Reservoir – Baltimore County

Checkout Loch Raven Reservoir for some fantastic scenery. This is a  view from the North side of the Dam and Parking area on  Loch Raven Drive. Further up Loch Raven Drive (just North of the bridge across Loch Raven) is free parking along the drive. During weekdays people can park and visit the east side of the reservoir. Geese and ducks […]

Loch Raven Reservoir – Autumn 2014

Geese on Loch Raven Reservoir On a warm October day in 2014, I decided to check out Loch Raven Reservoir. This video was take from the East side of the Reservoir. Looks like the geese are doing some fishing for a mid morning snack. Some reflection of trees off the water can be seen in the background. Noise of cars passing […]