Prettyboy Reservoir – Wildlife

Prettyboy Reservoir in the Winter time.

While walking around the Prettyboy Reservoir on a winter day in 2013, this bird was spotted in a tree near the boat launch. The boat launch area was closed off to boaters at this time of the year. The bird didn’t seem to mind!

This same area was pretty dry in 1999! There was an extreme drought here. In August of 1999, the water was so low it was 150 feet or more away from the boat launch! Liberty and Loch Raven Reservoirs were equally low on water.

Farm fields in August of 1999 were bone dry. Mowing of fields was not needed.

There were a couple other droughts or dry spells since that time, but now a days the water levels are looking pretty good for wildlife and recreation!

Digital Image of a bird in a tree at the Prettyboy Reservoir Boat Launch

Image Taken January 5, 2013

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