Prettyboy Reservoir

Activities In and around Prettyboy Reservoir!

Prettyboy Dam – Viewed From The Trail

Prettyboy Dam – Viewed from the trail The image was taken during a three mile walk on a trail around Prettyboy Reservoir. The trail is reached via Traceys Store Road in Northern Baltimore County Maryland. When the leaves fill out the view of the dam is no longer available from this vantage point. The trail in this area is an old […]

Digital Image of Prettyboy Dam in the Background

Prettyboy Reservoir Butterfly – Northern Baltimore County

Prettyboy Reservoir Butterfly was on the North side of the dam next to the parking area, The colors on the wings are what called for a digital image! Judging from some research this is a Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly.  They are a very popular North America Butterfly! It was partly cloudy on this Saturday August 4, 2012 when this image was taken. There […]

Digital Image of a Butterfly at Prettyboy Reservoir

Digital Image of Green Trees - Springtime View from Prettyboy Reservoir

Prettyboy Reservoir from the Dam – Spring 2015

Prettyboy Reservoir from the Dam – The image was taken as a cloud was passing between the sun and Reservoir. This springtime image was a welcome site after what seemed like a long winter. The Reservoir level was high. Water was spilling over the spillway. There were a number of people in fishing boats. Cars and trailers occupied the Spooks Hill […]

Visit to Prettyboy Reservoir

A Visit to Prettyboy Reservoir on Tuesday March 10, 2015 found the Boat Launch Closed. The Reservoir was pretty much frozen over. About the only unfrozen areas we observed were feed points from local streams and discharge around and over the Prettyboy Dam! A view from the local Boat Launch shows the frozen reservoir. What is does not show are the […]

Digital Image of Prettyboy Update - Thawing In Progress