Prettyboy Reservoir

Digital Image of Prettyboy Reservoir - Turtles in the Sun

Prettyboy Reservoir – Turtles in the Sun

Prettyboy Reservoir While cruising around Prettyboy Reservoir, these two Turtles were observed taking in the Sun. These creatures were out on a limb in the Schoolhouse Cove area of the reservoir. I have often seen many  ducks cruising these same waters! Last year the Prettyboy Reservoir waters were absolutely full of Carp! This area where the turtles are was especially popular. […]

Prettyboy Reservoir – Legends – Kingsruhl Production

Prettyboy Reservoir – Legends – Prettyboy was the name of a colt! Check out Dan Rodricks article in the April 13, 1998 edition of The Baltimore Sun. Something interesting and new to me since starting Words and Images by Don. Thanks to Dan for writing the article. This image was taken further down stream from where Dan walked the trail and […]

Digital Image of Gunpowder Falls looking up towards Prettyboy Reservoir

Digital Image of Prettyboy Reservoir

Prettyboy Reservoir

A Southeast view of Prettyboy Reservoir from Beckleysville Road. In this view, it is early Spring (April 1, 2012). It was about April of 1933 when the city of Baltimore began filling the Reservoir for the first time. People often fish here. It looks like one fisherman left some tack in the tree at this location! Perhaps a casting mishap! Back […]

A Countryside view – Prettyboy Dam

A Countryside view Near Prettyboy Dam – Sometimes while traveling, a scene catches my eye. Here is a view of the country side off of Prettyboy Dam Road. Prettyboy Dam is about a mile and a half up the road from where this image was captured. According to the 2007 Census of Agriculture this is 1 of 751 farms in Baltimore […]

Digital Image of a Countryside view near Prettyboy Dam, Maryland