Prettyboy Reservoir – Legends – Kingsruhl Production

Prettyboy Reservoir – Legends –
Prettyboy was the name of a colt!

Check out Dan Rodricks article in the April 13, 1998 edition of The Baltimore Sun.

Something interesting and new to me since starting Words and Images by Don.

Thanks to Dan for writing the article.

This image was taken further down stream from where Dan walked the trail and had his vision. The image ambience does seem to fit in with the beginning of his article!

This was taken near the Masemore road Parking area and Bridge. It is a great place to pick-up the Gunpowder South Trail.

Prettyboy Reservoir - Legends - igital Image of Gunpowder Falls looking up towards Prettyboy Reservoir

A somewhat foggy view – Image taken August 22, 2014

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