NCR Trail – Walker to Bentley


NCR Trail – Bird on a Stick

Toward the end of May of 2014, I parked the car on the gravel off to the side of Walker Road and Cameron Mill Road. The trail at Walker Road is at about the 14.25 mile marker. The Bentley Springs parking lot is at about the 15.9 mile marker. Between these two points of the trail, Beetree Run and Little Falls join from the North & North West to become Little Falls. This bird was found perched on the end of a limb. I am not sure of its name or species (perhaps Brownie).

The walk on this day was a wonderful walk. Most of the vegetation was green. The temperature was just right.

There were a number of other cars parked next to mine on this day. My guess is, some belonged to walkers others to people fishing Little Falls and Beetree  Run.

For this image, I used my favorite camera the Panasonic DMC-FZ150K 12.1 MP Digital Camera with CMOS Sensor and 24x Optical Zoom (Black). The camera has an automatic setting an this is what I used to capture the bird.

If your looking for a nice digital camera, check these out. They are next generations to the FZ150…. Fz200 Fz1000

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Digital Image of a Bird on Stick in the area of Walker Road and Bentley Springs Maryland on the NCR Trail

NCR Trail – Image taken May 30, 2014 – In Maryland, the NCR Trail is also known as The Northern Central Railroad Trail and the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail.

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