Lake Redman – Turtle – At the Boardwalk

Lake Redman – Turtle

A Summertime view of a turtle emerging its head above the marshy spawning grounds of Lake Redman.
There were a number of young turtles emerging from the marsh as I walked the boardwalk.

The boardwalk at lake Redman is worth a visit. The wildlife, including frogs, turtles, and many species of birds are worth a visit. The views are worth the visit any time of the year! Check it out.

The boardwalk is accessible in York County via St George Street, Hess Road and Iron Stone Hill Road. As I write this post (October 4, 2014), the bridge on Iron Stone Hill Road just South of the entrance to the boardwalk is closed. This means one must approach the boardwalk from the North on Iron Stone Hill Road. One can also walk trail 5/5B of the William H. Kain County Park to access the boardwalk.


Digital Image of a Lake Redman - Turtle. The Turtle is coming up for air at the marsh of Lake Redman

Image take July 4, 2013

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