NCR Trail – 2 Mile Marker – York County – Pennsylvania

NCR Trail – Paved in Some Areas

A few years ago some heavy rains did some real damage by washing out the NCR Trail. For a short stretch around the 1.5 mile marker(New Freedom), 2 mile marker (New freedom/Railroad) and 3 mile marker (Railroad) the trail has been paved. This has made a big difference in repairing, an preventing future damage!

There are 3 benches about a quarter mile downhill (North) of the 2 mile marker. A bit further North is a house on the right of the trail that recently went through some extensive renovations! It is gray in color and up on the hill. It was interesting to watch the evolution as it was being renovated.

In Autumn and Spring, deer can often be seen off to the right (East) of this part of the trail. Off to the left of the trail the yards appear to be well kept. The spring time view can be rewarding!

Get out and enjoy a walk or ride!

Digital Image of the NCR Trail at the 2 Mile Marker Between New Freedom and Railroad

Image Taken April 11, 2012 – In Pennsylvania, the NCR Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park.

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