NCR Trail

Northern Central Railroad Trail

Interesting Walk – NCR Trail – Phoenix

Interesting Walk – June 16, 2016 An Interesting walk on the NCR Trail started at the Phoenix (MD) Parking Lot. This is at the 2 mile marker on the trail This was a muggy day for a walk. About 70 degrees with high humidity. At the 2.75 mile marker two deers crossed the trail. I assume they were going down to […]

Deer on the NCR Trail

Digital Image of a Bear Spotted Along the Heritage Rail Trail Park

Wildlife along the Heritage Rail Trail Park

Wildlife along the Heritage Rail Trail Park On Saturday Morning a 4 mile walk in the New Freedom (PA) and Railroad areas was in order. The start was at the Rail Trail Cafe in New Freedom. First leg was down to the 1 mile marker. The Steam Into History Locomotive was in the garage when I passed the train station. It […]

Purple Tulips – Heritage Rail Trail Park – New Freedom – PA

Purple Tulips Purple Tulips of Spring are flowers growing along the Heritage Rail Trail Park. The flowers stood out on a cloudy and rainy Thursday, April 28 2016 (New Freedom, Pennsylvania). These and other flowers along the trail in New Freedom are courtesy of the New Freedom Garden Club. This image was taken during an afternoon walk. Six others were seen walking […]

Flowers of Sprint - Purple Tulips