Cows Visiting – Heritage Rail Trail Park – York County – Pennsylvania

Taken while walking the trail, these images show a view of cows visiting at the 4.8 – 4.9 mile marker.

They were coming up the hill and getting on the trail at around 9:30 on Monday August 27, 2016.

Perhaps with school season starting, they were already playing hooky.

Authorities were notified.

Folks walking and riding the trail were getting a kick out of their presence!

Two bicycle riders stopped on the trail and waited till someone passed the cows and demonstrated the cows

were not going to hurt anyone.

On this same walk, a black cat was seen at the 4.7 mile marker.

The cat has been a regular visitor!

Nice day to take a walk! 70 degrees and a bit of a breeze!

Cow Visiting the Park

Image Taken August 22, 2016

Cows Visiting the Park

Image Taken August 22, 2016

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