Phoenix Maryland – Torrey C Brown Trail

Phoenix Maryland, is a great place to park and walk the Torrey C Brown Trail

These are early November images from the walk!

The first image is a Southbound look at the 1.75 mile marker.

A Canon 7D Mark II camera was used to take this image.

The 7D Mark II is a new camera. It is a great body! It came as a bundle and is doing a nice job!

The final image is taken looking North towards the 2 mile marker and the Phoenix parking area.

The bottom image was taken with an Iphone in Landscape mode.

The rain was beginning to fall on this morning walk.

The wind was picking up and leaves were falling from the trees

There were a number of people still on the trail.

Some people were riding others were walking.

Phoenix Maryland - Autumn View near Ashland

Image Taken November 3, 2016

Autumn View at Phoenix Maryland

Image Taken November 3, 2016

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