Land of the Little People – Torrey C Brown Trail – White Hall

Land of the Little People – NCR Trail

Land at the 11.5 mile mile marker is comprised of a community of little people.

An US flag flies at the mound.

Signs, ornaments and the little people occupy the mound!

During warmer days a refreshment stand is open for sodas, water and various energy snacks.

The 11.5 mile marker is in the White Hall, Maryland area of the trail.

Parking to get to this part of the trail is available (to the South) at the White Hall Parking (lot 10.8 Mile marker).

Parking to the North of this landmark is available at the Parkton Parking Lot on Frederick Road.

Image of Land of the Little People - 11.5 mile marker

NCR Trail – February 2, 2017 – In Maryland the NCR Trail is also known as the Torrey C Brown Trail.

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