Assateague State Park – Horses

Assateague State Park – Horses

Horses are free to roam on Assateague Island. This horse was grazing around camping loop A in the Assateague State Campground.

When we  were walking the trail, there were  four horses in this area.

The Island effectively belongs to the horses. Campers, Rangers etc, are guests!

The birds and this horse seem to be buds. In fact for a while there were a couple of birds horseback riding. No saddle was necessary!

This horse is grazing along side the campground walking trail.

There are a number of walking trails on the Assateague Island. There is plenty of wildlife. Check out the National Park Service for more information.

We spent our time in the Maryland portion of the Island. The Island extends South into Virginia.

Digital Image of a Horse on Assateaque Island - At Assateaque State Park in Maryland

Image taken October 10, 2014



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