Yellow Blazed – S. James Campbell Trail – Oregon Ridge Park

Yellow Blazed –

Is the color that marks the  S. James Campbell Trail – Oregon Ridge Park. A portion of this trail meanders the Baisman Run Stream. Hikers will be crossing via rock to rock at various points along this trail.

A combination of the Ivy Hill Trail and the  S. James Campbell Trail make up the Yellow Blazed trail. The mileage is 2.3 miles. The Ivy Hill Trail and S. James Campbell trail both junction with the Red Blazed Loggers Trail. The elevation shifts when hiking these two trails so be prepared for a bit of a descent and  climb.

On this April 13, 2015 hike, the path included the Red Blazed Loggers Trail, The Tan Blazed Ridge Trail, the White Blazed Shortcut trail, The Yellow Blazed  Ivy Hill Trail / S. James Campbell Trail, the Red Blazed Logger Trail, the Green Blazed Virginia Pine Trail and the Orange Blazed Lake Trail. The hike totaled about 4.3 miles as indicated on a Garmin Forerunner GPS.

The image is a view of the bench next to the Baisman Run. When hiking the West Ivy Hill to S. James Campbell direction, this is the last crossing of the Baisman Run. This view is actually looking backwards from the actual direction of travel. The next part of the walk is a good climb up towards the Loggers trail!

On this hike, the temperature was about 65 degrees, with sunshine and a number of other hikers along the way.

Get out and enjoy the park and enjoy nature! Its great exercise and a great experience!

Digital Image of Baisman Run at Oregon Ridge Park

Image Taken April 13, 2015

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