Lake Redman – York County, Pennsylvania – Kingsruhl Production

Lake Redman

on a cloudy early April day. This image is take from the Parking and Picnic table area off of the southern point of Lake Redman. Access is via Log Road or the trail 5. This is a neet area to visit. There are many birds, there is a handicap parking are for 2 or 3 cars and a concrete pad for folks with wheel chairs to enjoy the outside and do some fishing.

The Bird Sanctuary is a bit obscured by the trees but is up a ways to the North East.

Be aware a bridge on Iron Stone Hill Road is being rebuilt! Iron Stone Hill Road is closed at the Parking entrance to the Bird Sanctuary/Boardwalk area. To access the Bird Sanctuary approach from the North onto Iron Stone Hill Road.

Get out and enjoy nature!

Lake Redman - Spring 2015

Image Taken April 9, 2015



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