Antique Cart Wheel – Heritage Rail Trail Park – York Pennsylvania

Antique Cart Wheel

leaning up against a brick wall at the J&K Salvage yard along the 19.9 mile marker in York, Pennsylvania.

There are other items at the brick wall. Some are live creatures some are antiques!

It is worth a walk to check out the scenery!

This was an early Spring walk. Grass was green along the trail and the golf course. Trees were sprouting. and tulips were flowering.

The walk started at Brillhardt Station (Days Mill Road) and proceeded up to the benches just past the 20 mile marker.

The York College area was quite busy as it was lunch time. Both workers and students from the area were getting in their daily walk!

Antique Cart Wheel - Seen along the Heritage Rail Trail - York Pennsylvania

Image taken April 16, 2015

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