Lake Redman Frog – Observed August 21 2014

Lake Redman Frog –

Lake Redman has shallow waters in many areas.

In the shallow waters frogs can be found during the late summer months.

Here is a frog observed from the Boardwalk.

To lean more about frogs, check out  Frog Resources.

This lake is also a breeding ground for turtles, birds and other wildlife.

Go for a stroll along trail 5 of Lake Redman to get a good look at the breeding in action.

Best times are Late Spring through Late Summer!


Digital Image of a Lake Redman Frog of 2014

Image Taken August 21, 2014

The scouts have a song they sing about frogs!

Coming of the Frogs
Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic
Mine eyes have seen the horror of the coming of the frogs.
They are sneaking thru the swamps and they are lurking in the logs.
You can hear their mournful croaking through the early morning fog.
The frogs keep hopping on.

Ribbet, ribbet, ribbet, croak, croak.
Ribbet, ribbet, ribbet, croak, croak.
Ribbet, ribbet, ribbet, croak, croak.
The frogs keep hopping on.

The frogs have grown in numbers and their croaking fills the air.
There’s no place to escape because the frogs are everywhere.
They’ve eaten all the flies and now they’re hungry as a bear.
The frogs keep hopping on.

I used to like the bullfrogs, like to feel their slimy skin.
Liked to put them in my teachers desk and take them home again.
Now they’re knocking at the front door, I can’t let those frogs come in.
The frogs keep hopping on.


They’ve hopped into the living room and headed down the hall.
They’ve have trapped me in the corner and my back’s against the wall.
And when I opened up my mouth to give a warning call,
This was all I heard.


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