Trail 6 – Above Lake Redman – York – Pennsylvania

Trail 6 – is a Moderate 1.6 mile walk located on the East Side of Lake Redman in York
County Pennsylvania.

Moderate, means the trail involves climbing and descending hills throughout the loop.

Trail 7 is another trail.

Trail 7 is available off of Trail 6.

As of this writing, Trail 7 is a dead end from Trail 6.

Normally Trail 7 connects to Trail 1.

Trail 1 is currently (December 2016) closed because of construction.

There is a (spur) Trail 6A off of trail six that dead ends.

This particular walk was accomplished by walking the trail six in a clockwise direction.

This makes the last part of the walk a totally downhill ending to the parking lot.

Lake Redman is visible off of the Southern part of this trail.

The parking lot number 3 (Starting point) is also visible from this part of the trail.

There is a lookout that has been blocked off but is still indicated on the park brochure.

The lookout provides visibility of the lake and Interstate 83.

Image below take using a Canon 7D Mark II Camera.

Trail 6 at Lake Redman and William H. Kain County Park

Image Taken December 22, 2016

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