Lake Redman

Lake Redman in York County, PA

Duck – Lake Redman

Duck – Lake Redman Over the past few weeks I have been visiting Lake Williams and Lake Marburg with a book and chair. I have been studying Social Media. A few days ago and on the way home from Lake Williams, I decided to check out the boardwalk at Lake Redman. While there, two ducks were straddling each side of the […]

Digital Image of a Duck on the Water

Lake Redman – Turtle – At the Boardwalk

Lake Redman – Turtle A Summertime view of a turtle emerging its head above the marshy spawning grounds of Lake Redman. There were a number of young turtles emerging from the marsh as I walked the boardwalk. The boardwalk at lake Redman is worth a visit. The wildlife, including frogs, turtles, and many species of birds are worth a visit. The […]

Digital Image of a Turtle coming up for air at the marsh of Lake Redman

Digital Image of a Great Egret at Lake Redman in York County, Pennsylvania

Lake Redman – Great Egret

Lake Redman – Great Egrets are popular around the Lake Redman area. They can be found wading in the shallow waters, flying across the lake and even, flying from tree to tree. “On August 8th 2013” one of these creatures required a rescue effort. Check out Kate St. John’s article. This image was taken while walking trail 5 on the East […]