Glencoe Road Bridge Near the Torrey C Brown Trail

The Glencoe Road Bridge

is next to the Torrey C Brown Trail. This image is taken from the trail looking North.

The bridge is a single lane bridge and junctions, Lower Glencoe Road – Upper Glencoe Road to the left (West) of this image with Glencoe Road.

The trail crosses Glencoe Road just to the right of the image.

The house in the distance is run down and in a state of decline. The Glencoe parking lot is to the right (east) of the house and is capable of handling a few vehicles.

On the day of this walk there was a tree down crossing the trail about 100 feet North of the parking lot.

At the time of this walk it was damp, around 45 degrees and cloudy. Some sprinkles were experience along the 5.3 mile walk.

It is Spring and things are starting to green up around the Gunpowder Falls!

Digital image of the Glencoe Road Bridge From the Torrey C Brown Trail

Image Taken April 10, 2015 – In Maryland, the NCR Trail is also known as The Northern Central Railroad Trail and the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail

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