Geese in Flight Over Lake Marburg

Geese in Flight Over Lake Marburg –

It was a warm but cloudy Spring day at Lake Marburg. Long Island was flooded with Geese hanging out on the island and along the edges. As fishing boats were moving from spot to spot, some of the geese were leading the way skipping on the water and air.

This image was taken from the main boat launch site.

At the Marina/Disc Golf area there were plenty of people walking dogs, fishing, picnicking and enjoying the day. Boats were starting to take their place in the slips

. The rental boats parked on trailers in the parking lot were uncovered and waiting for a cruise. One pontoon boat was traveling out on the lake with a cover over the top forming a cabin.

Digital Image of Geese in flight over Lake Marburg

Image Taken April 7, 2015

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