Checkout Loch Raven Reservoir – Baltimore County

Checkout Loch Raven Reservoir

for some fantastic scenery.

This is a  view from the North side of the Dam and Parking area on  Loch Raven Drive.

Further up Loch Raven Drive (just North of the bridge across Loch Raven) is free parking along the drive.

During weekdays people can park and visit the east side of the reservoir.

Geese and ducks can often be seen in this area.

Some people fish from the shore.

Others fish from boats.

The fishing center driveway is further West off of Dulaney Valley Drive.

Boat Rentals are available at the fishing center.

If you want to fish, you will need a license!

No license is needed to take pictures!

Checkout Loch Raven Reservoir

Image Taken June 25, 2015 – Baltimore County, Maryland

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