Susquehanna River – Downstream

Susquehanna River – Downstream


A view of the river, boaters, Interstate 95, CSX, Maryland Route 40 and Amtrak Bridges.

With a nice day we took a ride out to the Susquehanna State Park in Maryland.

We walked the Susquehanna Ridge Trail (Blazed in red) starting at the Southern end Lapidum Boating Facility.

The trail is a nice walking trail with climbs and descents along the route.

We stuck to the Susquehanna Ridge Trail and did not stray to other routes.

This image is taken from the boat ramp area of the Lapidum Boating Facility.

The boat facility was busy. Along our walk we saw many people fishing the river by boat.

Others were fishing and wading near the river edges.

Susquehanna River - Downstream - Digital Image Taken from the Susquehanna State Park Boat Ramp

Image Taken April 29, 2015



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