Santee Kayaks – Lake Williams – Jacobus Pennsylvania

Santee Kayaks

are our chosen brand of kayaks. We have 2 each of the Hurricane Santee Sport 126 Models.

This is our fifth trip out with these wonderful kayaks! First trip this 2015 Season.

When we shopped for kayaks we chose the Santee because of it is well built!

We went for the Sport model because the Sport mode features a larger cockpit opening.

We chose the 126 for the longer length. A shorter 116 is available!

These are well built and lightweight kayaks!

We Load them onto a Chevy Trailblazer for transport.

We have 2 sets of Malone J-Pro Kayak Carriers clamped on each side of the Trailblazer’s stock rail bars.

So far, we have frequented Lake Williams in Jacobus, Pennsylvania and Lake Marburg at Codorus State Park in South Western York County, Pennsylvania.

Both lakes are within 22 miles of our home.

They have performed well on Lake Marburg in both calm and choppy waters!

The Kayaks are quiet and they slice through the water just fine!

Both of our visits to Lake Williams have been on calm waters.

Lake Marburg (1,275 acres) is much larger than Lake Williams (220 acres).

We do not fish. My wife and I out for the enjoyment of nature and each other’s company!

We’re looking forward to more trips and more adventures.

I see visits to Dundee Creek and Susquehanna State Park in Maryland in our near future!

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Digital Image of Santee Sport 126 - Lake Williams - Jacobus Pennsylvania

Image Taken Saturday – May 16, 2015

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