Southbound on the Torrey C Brown Trail – Glencoe Sparks

Southbound on the Torrey C Brown Trail on a weekday morning.

Original plans were to walk a mile South just beyond the Sparks Parking lot and back to the Glencoe Parking lot.

There were plenty of people walking, running and bicycling the trail.

Southbound apex turned out to be the 3 mile marker.

Upon return to the Glencoe Parking lot, the lot was busy with people loading and unloading bicycles.

The walk continued to the 4 mile marker and back to the Glencoe lot before ending.

This is a nice area to walk!

Everything is green this time of year!

People were courteous when passing!

The only negative about this section of trail is the Phone Coverage (4g LTE)  is  touch and go.

There is a post on Facebook related to this same walk.

If you have a chance, check out the information placard on the trail at the Sparks parking lot.

There is some interesting information on the placard along with pictures!

Next stop for the day is Loch Raven!

Digital Southbound Image of Glencoe - Sparks area along the Torrey C Brown Trail

Image Taken June 25, 2015





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