in-earbuds along with some other select brands.

Some of the nice features about (in the) ear phones (earbuds,  in the ear buds,  or  canal buds) is their portability. They are easy to store .

They are also less noticeable than a regular set of headphones. Something that might be an advantage around the office or study hall.

Earbuds seal the ear thus minimizing outside (interruptive) sounds! If you are traveling the train, plane, bus or if you work in a noisy

environment, this can be a welcome advantage!

Sound quality is usually good.

Shure in-earbuds run the range starting at about 50.00 and work their way up. Shure has been around for a long time and they are known for high quality products!Shure and other brand in-earbuds

Here are a series of Budget Sony In-earbuds to consider.

Here are some budget in-earbuds from Panasonic.Shure and other brand in-earbuds

Skullcandy earbuds are another brand of in-earbuds.Shure and other brand in-earbuds

Bose make great sets of In Ear Buds. These are high quality models!Shure and other brand in-earbuds

A Westone professional set of in-earbuds can be found here.Shure and other brand in-earbuds


If we had a preference, these are the models we would highly consider!

The staff and management at Kingsruhl Production wish you all the best enjoyment from your new set of Earbuds. Please keep in mind that since these are in-the-ear,

low volume is recommended. Thanks for visiting!

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