NCR Trail – Chevrolet

NCR Trail – Chevrolet

One afternoon in May of 2013, I took a walk on the trail, starting from the 3 mile marker in Railroad, Pennsylvania. My eye caught this Chevrolet parked in the parking lot of Captain Bob’s.

This car appears to be a 1955 Chevy. (Correct me if I am wrong)
The plate says Vagabonds Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There is a Hotrod Vagabonds Car Club in Lancaster, which presents and attends car shows.

There were several other vintage vehicles parked at the restaurant. I would like to have spent more time observing, but I needed to get my walk in.

You just never know what you might see walking on the NCR Trail!

Digital Image of a Chevy parked near 8NCR Trail

NCR Trail – Chevy – Image taken May 2013 – In Pennsylvania, the NCR Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park.

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